Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme 2021 OceanWP

  • Full page builder support
  • Integrates with any screen size (responsive layout)
  • Lightweight (no bloatware)
  • Loads super fast (clean code)
  • PHP7.1 compatible
  • Full integration with E-commerce plugins like Woocommerce
  • Schema Added SEO friendly theme
  • Demo Import and Export Functionality
  • Support for all popular page builders


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Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme 2021 OceanWP

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Have you ever searched for Free Themes and got overwhelmed by the results? If yes then keep reading because here we are talking about the Best Multipurpose WordPress theme 2021 OceanWP which is available in free as well as paid versions.

OceanWP Theme – Introduction

It is a fast loading fully responsive theme, which has great third party plugin support as well as support for page builders which is a necessity in 2021. The free theme comes with advanced features and customizations which are achieved without touching the CSS or any coding knowledge.

The OceanWP theme provides you access to the demo site library where you can download entire demo websites by a click of a button. The theme comes with great functionality out of the box, and its features can be further enhanced by using free or paid plugins. OceanWP theme is consistently rated among the top WordPress themes and has a five Star rating given by the users.

OceanWP Features & Extensions

It comes with tons of customization options when compared with other free themes available in the market. OceanWp allows you to customize almost every part of your blog, website, or e-commerce store.

Stunning Demo Websites

OceanWP offers professionally designed demo websites that are both free and premium, that cover most niches and feature attractive designs, modern navigation, and the ability to tweak or edit as you need.

It offers 13 Free demo sites and 21 Pro demo sites. You need to install a free plugin called “OceanExtra” to import demo sites.

Ecommerce Compatibility

OceanWP offers excellent support for WooCommerce stores, it is very easy to sell products as well as service using this Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme. With its premium features, you can enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Native Cart Popups

This feature can be used to draw the attention of your customer when they add an item to the cart.

Floating add to cart

The add to cart button remains static even when your customer is scrolling down the page, thus it reduces the product abandonment rate.


OceanWP offers a sidebar product filter as well as a price filter helping your customers easily find products.


It is another good feature where customers can check for a quick view of a product without leaving the page.

Page Builder Compatibility

OceanWP offers support for every single page builder in the market, you can customize your website create landing pages, or create demo sites for future use.

Fast Loading & SEO friendly

It is a lightweight theme that loads quickly over the normal layout and default theme functions; it is an equally good mobile responsive theme which is one of the page ranking factors in SERP results.

It is used Schema markup for page rankings and other SEO friendly practices such as proper HTML tags and page navigation structure.

Free Extensions

The core functionality of the OceanWP theme can be extended by using these plugin extensions. There are in total 21 extensions out of which 7 can be downloaded for free.

The seven free extensions are Stick Anything; Modal Window; Posts Slider; Custom Sidebar; Product Sharing; Social Sharing and of course, Ocean Extra. All the free plugin extensions can be downloaded directly from

Stick Anything

It is a simple plugin that lets you stick a CSS element to a page. It can be used to stick form, popups, or more.

Post Slider

This feature lets you display your products or blog post on beautiful sides. You can customize the thumbnail image, the number of Blog posts/ products to display, and slide scroll timing can be controlled.

Custom Sidebar & Sharing

This feature allows you to create an unlimited number of sidebars. You can customize your sidebars directly from the OceanWP control panel.

OceanWP allows WooCommerce users to display Sharing options right under the product description. You can also add sharing buttons under the blog post, as the plugin supports popular social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

OceanWP Premium Extensions

There are in total 13 premium extensions available for the OceanWP theme. The extensions are Full Screen; Cookie Notice; Popup Login; Instagram; White Label; Portfolio; Woo Popup; Sticky Footer; Ocean Hooks; Elementor Widgets; Side Panel; Sticky Header and Footer Callout.

Most of the premium extensions are self-explanatory, below are a few of the stand out features.

Full-Screen Website

It allows you to create a full screen website, where you can control the navigation speed of the website. You can also customize the website by changing the colors as well as fonts as per your requirement. All you need to do is to activate Elementor to use this function.

Ocean Hooks

You can use the extension to insert PHP or the shortcodes in your website. There are some excellent features available such as limiting hooks by conditional logic and user roles.

Woo Popup & Popup Login

Woo Popup feature allows you to display a popup message informing the customer that the product has been added to the cart. Whereas, the Popup login will load a form for sign in or to create a new account.

Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme – OceanWP Worth it or not?

Well, if you are looking for a free WordPress theme that is lightweight, responsive, and mobile-friendly, you can’t ignore the OceanWP theme. It has all the features one can expect from a modern theme.

The developer has an excellent source of documentation where you can find how to use the theme. You can also contact their support team if you need direct help.

The OceanWP theme is priced under 3 different plans.

  • Personal Plan: $31
  • Business Plan: $63
  • Agency Plan: $103

If you are looking for a well-coded and structured theme that is packed with features, then I highly recommend you giving OceanWP a look.


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