Best Expired Domain Finder SEO Dominator Review 2021

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  • Full access to Keywords Seeker so You won’t Run Out of Niche Ideas EVER
  • Unlimited Searches so you can find as much as you need expired properties
  • Hyper-Threading for Faster Professional Findings
  • Ability to Use Proxies
  • 6 Different ways to Finding Powerful Expired Domains
  • 8 Different WEB 2.0 Platforms
  • 4 Different Social Media Platforms
  • Unlimited of Earning Potential
  • Pre-Filter Results
  • Sort Results for Better Preview
  • Ability To Export Results to CSV format
  • Ability To Check The Domains Past
  • Use Search For Quick Access To Found Domains
  • (Reverse Search) Backlinks Getter


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SEO Dominator Review

Best Expired Domain Finder SEO Dominator Review 2021

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Are you getting enough traffic on your website? OR Is your website ranking higher in search results? Well, as a rule of thumb More Traffic = More Clicks and as you are aware More Conversions = More Money!!!

So how can the Best Expired Domain Finder SEO Dominator boost traffic to your Website?

SEO Dominator is a brand new advanced marketing software tool, helping its users to gain more traffic! Search Engines consider Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) as one of the ranking factors in search results. The best way to increase your Website’s Authority is to improve its link profile.

This can be achieved by getting backlinks from high authority websites, which can help your website immensely to gain higher rankings in SERP. Trust me, getting high-quality backlinks is not easy and it can be very expensive if you just starting.

So in a way, the system is rigged for the new page. Unless It uses EXPIRED domains. This is where SEO Dominator can help you. Expired domains are altogether different from fresh domains.

The expired domains which were previously owned by someone else can have useful backlinks that can be redirected to your website to help you gain massive amounts of traffic and hence increasing your profits!

SEO Dominator Features

Keywords Scrapper

  • All you need to do is input your keyword suggestions to analyze and watch SEO Dominator suggest hundreds of niche related expired domains, Expired Social Media Accounts, and Web 2.0 properties.

Hyper-Threading (HT) technology for faster search results

  • It used HT technology to provide faster results for your keywords related query. It can carry out multiple tasks at once and within no time suggest expired domain names.


  • Heavy users of SEO Dominator, especially SEO pros & agencies run the risk of getting a “Google Challenge” – this is only triggered if there are too many requests from your IP address.
  • To overcome this problem it uses proxies so that you are free to use as much as you can.

MOZ Metrics

  • It uses Moz Metrics to filter the domain suggestions according to Domain Authority or Page Authority.

Domain History

  • You can check the domain history by using the WEB 2.0 property. It tells you can check for what purpose the property was used for previously.

Search from Authority sites

  • SEO Dominator is used to finding expired domains with backlinks to Authority sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Quora, and Reddit. You can find expired domains using WEB 2.0 Properties to find domains with backlinks to Tumbler, WordPress, Blogger, Webs, etc.
  • Also, SEO Dominator works well to scrape social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, or YouTube to find high authority expired accounts with backlinks.

How Best Expired Domain Finder SEO Dominator Works?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is done by promoting a product and generating sales for a commission. SEO Dominator can help you find keywords related to your niche as well as expired domains with high authority.

You can simply purchase those high-value domains and point them (301 redirects) towards your affiliate page to maximize your profit.

Email List Building

Email List building a necessity in the year 2021 if are serious about our online business. All you have to do is redirect the traffic gained by SEO Dominator and send them to your subscription form.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a great way to monetize blogs, especially with high page authority. SEO Dominator can find high-value domains with traffic that can be redirected to your blog or a website with AdSense to maximize your revenue.

Domain Flipping

Domain Flipping is a great source of income where you can buy domains for a cheap price and sell them for big profits.

With SEO Dominator you can find high authority expired domains and list them on Flippa or any other auction website and earn profits.

SEO Dominator Review, Is it Worth Buying?

SEO Dominator is a one-click solution to your website traffic worries. Once you lay your hands on SEO Dominator you can literally boost your website traffic in less than 24 hours. You can find all the high authority expired domains with backlinks to authority websites such as Wikipedia, Quora, and YouTube.

Not only these domains get their backlink juice from these authority websites, but in fact, you also gain from the clicks which are redirected to your website, thus increasing your website traffic.

Overall SEO Dominator is a useful tool to gain website traffic and maximize your profits!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) | SEO Dominator Review

Do they offer a one-time-fee option?

No.-This is not a pump and dump software. This is a Research Software/Marketing platform that is maintained and supported. It is impossible to maintain high-quality software with a one-time fee. There is also NO UPSELL after you subscribe. You can Get The Yearly Option Tho and Save.

Can I Use SEO Dominator on a MAC?

No – The product is built for the PC as the architecture allows hyper-threading to work correctly. This is necessary for heavy-duty use

How many expired Domains and web 2.0 links do I need?

In low competition niches they found a dozen or so links are sufficient for P1 ranking however, it all depends on your competitor strength & site quality.

Can I use Only Web 2.0’s since they are free to register?

Some of their clients use only Web 2.0’s successfully. They recommend you do on-page optimization, mixed links + social signals for best results

Do I need to use Proxies?

For light use, the answer is no… If you become a heavy user they strongly recommend you use proxies – they cover this in their tutorial videos.


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