Voice Studio FX Review Best Voice Over Text to Speech 2021

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  • Realistic Human Speech
  • Create In Seconds
  • Easiest Voice App Ever
  • No Software To Install
  • No Monthly Fees To Pay
  • No Credits To Buy


Voice Studio FX Review Best Voice Over Text to Speech 2021 

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Voiceovers are expensive! Don’t believe me? then read this generally voiceovers are prized according to the word count. People charge around $250 for 100 words and they charge $30 for additional words. An average of 5 to 6 mins voiceover can cost you in excess of $500.

Fortunately, there is a product that will make you a voiceover expert without any technicalities, expensive equipment, or any skills. It is called Voice Studio FX.

Voice Studio FX Review – Overview

Voice Studio FX is a premium quality AI-powered text-to-speech converted with 12 different voices. All the voiceovers are Realistic Human Sounding voice without like a robot.

The tool does not produce any weird pauses or strange speaking rhythms which can drive your potential buyers away making it of one the Best Voice Over Text to Speech Software 2021.

Realistic Human Sounding Voiceovers in minutes For:

Best Voice Over Text to Speech 2021

Voice Studio FX Review – How to Use?

  • Step 1: Login into your account and select one of the 12 different voices
  • Step 2: Type or paste your text into the box
  • Step 3: Click Synthesize and your voiceover are ready to download in seconds (literally).


Voice Studio FX Review Best Voice Over Text to Speech 2021 – Conclusion (7 Reasons to buy)

You will often have a flawless voiceover in seconds

Regardless of any project you want a voiceover for, voice studio FX will give you the perfect voice and the precise outcomes.

Real Human Qualities

Voice Studio FX’s AI engine ensures that your voiceovers won’t sound robotic. Your voiceovers won’t frighten and turn off your listeners and buyers… they will enhance, attract, and convert!

You don’t have to bother about credits

Other text-to-speech apps make you pay each month for credits, whereas Voice Studio FX gives you 10,000-character credits to start, and then reloads your account with 10,000 more every month.

You won’t waste a dime on searching voiceover artist on freelancing websites

You can bid adieu to Fiverr because your days of scouting for voiceover talent are over. With Voice Studio FX you can change the voiceover artists with the snap of a finger.

Easiest Voiceover App Ever made

Voice Studio FX doesn’t install on your device, saving your disk space. All you need to do is to log into your account from anywhere, on any device, pick your voice, type or paste your script and click Synthesize. That’s it. Your voiceover is ready to download.

No More Paying Twice For One Job

Changing or updating information about products is part and parcel of business. Hiring a professional voiceover artist can be time-consuming and expensive. With Video Studio FX product information can be changed in a matter of seconds. Just open the old project file, make changes, and hit Synthesize. You’re done.

Do Voiceovers For Others and get paid.

Voice Studio FX Commercial License gives you the capability to produce expert quality human-sounding voiceovers for others, without extravagant tools, tedious software, or any voice talent of your own. You can use Voice Studio FX for your own projects — YouTube videos, commercials, podcasts, explainer videos, sales videos, etc. Else you can sell your services on Fiverr.

FAQ – Voice Studio FX Review

Can I use these voiceovers in Videos/ Commercials/ Podcast/ etc?

Of course! You can use the Voice Studio FX voiceovers for any use that requires voice recording.

Do I need to buy credits?

No. Voice Studio FX gives you 10,000-character credits to start and then reloads your account with 10,000 more every month.


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