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About: Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin 2021

Do you want to create an Amazon affiliate store for your WordPress website and start earning money?

As the name suggests, Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin allows you to connect your WooCommerce store to Amazon and start earning passive income for every product sold.

Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

What is Woozone/Wzone?

Woozone is a premium WordPress plugin for Amazon Affiliate partners to import Amazon products straight into the WordPress blog with or without Amazon API. WZone is a great way to create an amazon affiliate store in a very short time, where users are redirected to amazon to complete the purchase.


Woozone Features

The primary function of Woozone is to import products from Amazon and display them in your Ecommerce store. Below are some of the outstanding features of the Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

  • Bulk product imports
  • Product variation imports
  • Import Product images with variations
  • Dynamic prices with API
  • Geo-targeting with multiple stores tags
  • Wzone Dropshipping
  • Content Spinner
  • Wzone chrome extension for manual product import
  • Amazon Associates report module

How do Wzone works?

The Wzone main feature lets you bulk import products with just a few clicks to your website, including standalone images, product variations, and user reviews. There are a couple of options to import products via Insane mode or manual mode.

Insane Mode

The insane mode has replaced the previous Asin grabber tools. Insane mode is the fastest method to bulk import products from upto ten pages in a category. The processing speed depends on your hosting, as the process is pervasive.

The process identifies your keywords from the specified category and then imports the titles, product descriptions, images, variations, product features, customer reviews, and other specified information. You can literally build your WooCommerce store in less than 15 minutes by using Insane Mode product import.

All the products are added to the WooCommerce store with a unique URL, and the products can be easily edited using a standard WordPress editor. There is also an option to spin the product description so that google doesn’t read it as duplicate, but for SEO, the content should be written manually.

Manual Mode (Wzone Chrome Extension)

Wzone Chrome Extension

This method allows direct product import if you don’t have access to Amazon API keys. You need to install the chrome extension and use it on the Amazon website to import products. The imported products are automatically added to the WooCommerce store.

Amazon Recommendation also has a new feature; this module enables you to drive recommendations based on a key phrase. For example, if you have a shop featuring apple products, you can get recommendations on what other apple products to import. Also, on keyword click, it auto searches for those keywords and sets them to import.

There is an option for speed optimization of all the imported products; you can mass optimize all the product imports or manually optimize any product.

Woozone Price and Product Updates

Woozone is offered as a standalone plugin for $49, which works with most of the WordPress themes out of the box. The plugin also comes in a bundle pack for $70, including the Wzone plugin and Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce, SearchAzon – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Auto Search Plugin, and Kingdom – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme.

The standalone plugin is good enough for most users as it ticks all the boxes. Still, if you are interested in additional image variations and a kingdom theme, you can go for the bundle pack. The Woozone plugin comes with lifetime updates; hence you don’t have to pay or worry about updates after the first year, which is the case with most plugins these days.

Reasons to Buy

  • User-friendly interface
  • Responsive layout
  • Options to use different media files
  • Add to cart or Direct Checkout
  • You can use images directly from Amazon’s CDN
  • You will get 90 days cookie feature.

Conclusion – Should you buy Wzone WordPress Amazon Store Plugin

Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is the easiest way to start your online WooCommerce store. You don’t require any technical background to operate this fantastic plugin; in fact, anyone can start using this plugin by just adding their Amazon ID and start synchronizing products.

The plugin gets frequently updated, and new features are added along with improvements, making it an excellent option for Amazon Affiliates.

Wzone strictly follows the Amazon Associates terms and conditions – if you don’t have access to Amazon API, i.e., if you haven’t completed your first three sales, the chrome extension can be a boon to you.

The Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a great way to start your Affiliate journey; the $49 price tag and the unique features make the plugin a must-buy if you are serious about your Amazon Associates career.

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